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Teaching Dynasties: How Useful They can be to the City and the Local Community

Kolesnikova E.M.

5 (17), 2018

Kolesnikova E.M. Teaching dynasties: how useful they can be to the city and the local community. Social area, 2018, no. 5 (17). DOI: 10.15838/sa.2018.5.17.6

DOI: 10.15838/sa.2018.5.17.6

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The article is devoted to the problem of the contribution of intergenerational social mobility to the reproduction of a professional group of teachers, in particular, “regional” professional dynasties as a sub-group with special characteristics and as a resource that can contribute to the long-term development of areas where families and generations of highly qualified specialists live and work. Dynasties are an important component of any professional group, a resource for the development of communities, as well as a factor affecting their external environment. The empirical framework is based on the collection of works which presents descriptions of teaching dynasties in one city. This collection has a number of features: no strict criteria for classification as “a dynasty” in terms of the structure and scope of pedagogical work; the description in historical sequence; the description of dynasties by the representatives who worked and made a significant contribution to the formation of the institution of education in the particular city. One of the contexts regional teaching dynasties are represented in is the contribution to the formation of the local professional community (from specific educational institutions to the entire staff of the region). Another context is the contribution of the professional community to the territorial labor market. In general, the representatives of dynasties are positioned as enthusiasts independently taking on expanded social and professional obligations, participating and succeeding in solving the most pressing issues facing the city and its inhabitants. Being regionally rooted, the dynasties have an opportunity to become a kind of centers for growth, education, and development of the new in a particular area


social mobility, teacher, sociology of professions, mentor, dynasty

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