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Priorities of Scientific and Technological Development as a Tool for Reducing Income Differentiation of the Population

Mazilov E.A.

4 (11), 2017

Mazilov E.A. Priorities of Scientific and Technological Development as a Tool for Reducing Income Differentiation of the Population. Social area, 2017, no. 4 (11). URL: http://socialarea-journal.ru/article/2379?_lang=en

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The reduction in the differentiation of incomes and poverty is one of the most acute problems of modern Russian society. The problem is aggravated in recent years by a volatile economic and political situation in which under the conditions of the introduction of austerity the incomes of a large part of the population also dropped considerably. One way of solving this problem is the provision of active scientific and technological development of Russia’s regions. The article presents the results of a study of a dependence of the differentiation of incomes on the level of scientific and technological development. We consider main indicators of development in comparison with the economies of developed and developing countries. The results of the calculations indicate a direct correlation between per capita income of the population and factors of scientific and technological development such as domestic expenditures on research and development, the number of employees engaged in research and development, internal current expenses for the purchase of equipment for the implementation of scientific and technological activities. We analyze federal and regional policy that governs scientific and technological development. Regional experience of subjects-leaders of scientific and technological development shows that a systematic work is carried out by the authorities and management in support of scientific and technological progress, and a high concentration research institutions and special industrial zones in these regions, where projects in the field of industry are actively implemented. We develop and present a list of tools and measures for enhancing the processes of scientific and technological development. Among the priorities we highlight the need for the formation of science-based programs to develop scientific and technological potential of the region for the long term, the development of the system of children and youth scientific-technical creativity, training for innovative sphere, creation of a regional fund of scientific and technological development, funds for development of industry; providing conditions for conducting innovative activities of industrial enterprises and organization of production of competitive innovative products that meet the needs of regional economy; all this will help solve the following problems. In conclusion, the article once again focuses on the role of scientific and technological development in the social sphere


poverty, differentiation, scientific and technological development, territories, people’s incomes