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Application of Factor Analysis in the Measurement of Social Capital

Guzhavina T.A., Vorobeva I.N.

4 (11), 2017

Guzhavina T.A., Vorobeva I.N. Application of Factor Analysis in the Measurement of Social Capital. Social area, 2017, no. 4 (11). URL: http://socialarea-journal.ru/article/2377?_lang=en

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Social capital is a significant factor in functioning and development of the society. We see it as a social indicator of integral type, which helps assess the state of social relations. Social capital is referred to as, first, the existence of networks of social relations characterized by standards of trust and reciprocity and the level of involvement in them; second, external effects, results generated by the social interaction produced in them, which are useful to the society, social groups (including regional community). One of the issues of studying social capital is its measurement. The purpose for the article is to show the opportunities of factor analysis in measuring social capital and identifying its different types. The article contains a methodological substantiation of selection and application of various indicators for measuring social capital. Social capital is an umbrella concept which helps identify a set of operational concepts. These include trust, networks, values and norms, solidarity. The empirical framework of the research includes results of sociological research on the study of social capital of the Vologda Oblast. The authors built a model of variables of existing types of social capital. The article presents the results of authors’ analysis of available statistical data using methods of factor analysis. The authors created an additive model of social capital which includes all indices calculated during factor analysis. They prove the validity of the constructed model. Factor analysis can be used to build an indicator model of social capital: variables integrated in factors will serve as indicators of different types of capital. The use of the method made it possible to conduct preliminary assessment of population’s social capital. Analysis has revealed different groups of respondents – carriers of social capital of different type. The obtained results confirm the effectiveness of the method and its heuristic opportunities


social capital, factor analysis, types of social capital, indicator model, additive model of social capital

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